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Office of the Dean

Dean of School of Education
Dr. Jeff Passe


Dean’s Message

Welcome to the School of Education, site of the first teacher education program in New Jersey (and the 9th in the nation!) We continue to be the most in-demand source of teachers and counselors in our region as well as across the state. TCNJ’s graduates from the School of Education can be found in almost every one of the state’s school districts due to our reputation for excellence.

You’re probably aware of the research that suggests that the presence of a highly competent, caring, and well qualified teacher is the single most important variable for students’ success. We are committed to preparing such teachers and counselors to serve the needs of all students. To learn more about our philosophy, please view our School of Education mission statement.

We invite you to review our acclaimed programs on the websites of the four departments in the School of Education. You will discover the impressive achievements of our faculty, the well-designed courses of study, and the extensive opportunities for our students to work in local schools almost from the very beginning of their time at TCNJ.

The School of Education works in tandem with our colleagues across TCNJ. All of our undergraduate students have dual majors (and two advisors!), combining a major in some aspect of education with content areas such as mathematics, biology, history, English and Spanish. It is no wonder that our graduates are perceived as well-prepared by school administrators, parents and students throughout New Jersey.

As Dean of the School of Education, I invite you to visit our new state-of-the-art building to see us at work preparing educators for a career of positive social impact and personal and professional fulfillment.