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Gain Skills to Drive Transformation

Become an educator and experience the profound joy — and powerful opportunity — in connecting learners with their own potential to learn and grow. Here, students are equipped to become teachers, counselors, clinicians, and leaders who are adept critical thinkers, innovators, and agents of positive social change. Come prepare for a meaningful career in a highly regarded, forward-thinking program that prioritizes equity, inclusiveness, and the creation of a brighter future.


Connections that Drive Success

Graduates from the School of Education have a statewide reputation as top-tier educators, counselors, and leaders.

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Our specialized programs lead to state teaching certification and a lifetime licensure to teach in NJ.

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Strong Connections

Our highly qualified graduates stand out, with many hired based on their student teaching experience.

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Education Interview Days

Schools in NJ and beyond seek TCNJ grads. Each spring, 100+ districts interview 1,500+ students.


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A Message from the Interim Dean

Welcome to the School of Education, which is renowned for its legacy of more than 155 years as the first teacher education program in New Jersey and for its modern reputation as a standout program for diverse specializations across the field of education. We continue to be the most in-demand source of teachers and counselors in our state and across the region. In fact, TCNJ graduates can be found making a difference in nearly every New Jersey school district — which is a direct result of our reputation for excellence in preparing outstanding educators. We look forward to your contributions in our learning community and in your meaningful career as an advocate for social change.


School of Education
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