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Undergraduate Areas of Study

Our fully accredited programs foster highly capable teachers who are advocates for our children and leaders in our profession. Coursework is relevant, fieldwork is extensive, and research and critical thinking skills are emphasized. Our graduates are widely prized by school administrators for their solid content knowledge, strong classroom competence, and keen enthusiasm for teaching and learning.

» View full list of majors, minors, and interdisciplinary programs Childhood Education

Qualify for New Jersey certification in grades P–3

Focus on the youngest learners, with the specific training and broad education needed to teach the early grades. Students pursue two majors: one in early childhood education and one in a state-approved content area. Coursework is relevant and meaningful, encompassing liberal arts and education theory and practice. Extensive fieldwork and student teaching prepares students to guide the learning of young children.


Service and Outreach

Get involved! Student organizations work with schools and communities to lead change for children.


Professional Preparation

Extensive fieldwork framed by professional development prepares students for the demands of teaching.


Urban Education Program

Specialize in teaching in urban schools and earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. Education

Qualify for New Jersey certification in grades K–6

Prepare to teach in an elementary school, developing the skills and knowledge of a highly effective teacher. Students prepare for certification by pursuing two majors: one in elementary education and one in a state-approved content area. This program integrates liberal arts study, education theory and practice, and extensive fieldwork, including a full semester of supervised classroom teaching. Students receive guidance from faculty advisers, ensuring excellent support.


Service and outreach

From tutoring to mentoring, student groups work directly with children through local partnerships.


Professional Preparation

Early, sustained fieldwork promotes professional development in curriculum and instruction.


Urban Education Program

One extra year of study leads to a master’s degree and expertise in teaching in the urban classroom.

artscomm-areasstudy-icon-imm-FINALSecondary Education

Qualify for New Jersey certification in grades 6–12

Prepare to teach your subject of choice in a middle or high school setting. While studying the theories and models of contemporary curriculum and classroom management, students in these programs also fulfill one of seven majors aligned with the state-approved content areas. Students receive guidance from faculty advisers in both secondary education and their chosen content area, ensuring excellent support in our teacher preparation programs.


Middle School Specialization

Focus on the needs of adolescents in grades 6–8, while earning certification at all secondary levels.


Research Apprenticeship

Tutor students and gather research data in an after-school laboratory at a nearby middle school.


Urban Education Program

One extra year of study leads to a master’s degree and expertise in teaching in the urban classroom. Education

Qualify for dual certification in special education and P–3 or K–6 education

Prepare to teach students with disabilities in this five-year program, earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students receive extensive training in the theory and practice of teaching children with diverse special needs, including autism, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, physical disabilities, and severe disabilities. Our fully accredited programs meet all state requirements for highly qualified teachers in special education.


Early Childhood Program

Learn to address special needs in the very young while earning a master’s degree and two certifications.


Elementary Program

Prepare for a variety of career options in special education or typical classrooms at all school levels.


Secondary Education Program

Prepare to meet the needs of diverse classrooms while obtaining multiple certifications. of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Qualify for certifications in deaf education and P–3 or K–6 education

Build the right foundation to teach students who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as typical learners. This five-year program confers bachelor’s and master’s degrees while leading to multiple teaching certifications (two in education of the deaf/hard of hearing and one in early childhood or elementary education). This fully accredited program features a highly relevant curriculum, including courses in American Sign Language, and extensive student teaching.


p-3 Program

Ours is the only program in New Jersey preparing you to work with P–3 deaf or hard of hearing learners.


K-6 program

Earn all state-required licensures to teach K–6 deaf or hard of hearing learners, plus more career options.


immersive experiences

Student-teach in a variety of deaf education settings, with children from many cultures and backgrounds.


The College is open with very limited on-campus staffing. For assistance and all questions, please contact us via email